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Our Rules

Innovative Rule

  1. Innovative English Learning Center has a strict English only policy. Students are asked to speak English while they are at the campuses. Students who fail to speak English will be asked for various English Punishments.
  2. Students who are consistently late or absent may be dismissed.
  3. Students are required to take all monthly tests, complete all homework and to actively participate in all classes.
  4. The Registrar or Director of Programs/School Principal must be informed in writing of any changes in study plans.
  5. Students must obtain authorization from the school if they want to change classes.
  6. Students are expected to abide by the following Student Code of Conduct:
      • Respect staff and other students at all times.
      • Obey all school rules, policies and local laws.
      • Put forth the best effort possible in their course of study at all times.
      • Note: Inappropriate conduct may lead to dismissal.
  7. All the Fees are non refundable and non transferable in any case.

Evaluation & Test

Students are evaluated at the end of each session. In order to acquire Certificate of Completion, students must achieve a minimum score in the written and oral examinations.

Students who miss more than three consecutive days of class without an approved reason will not pass the course without the direct permission of the Director of Programs.

Students whose absence reaches 30% or more within one session will automatically fail the course. All of the above information along with instructor comments are given out to the student in the form of a progress report at the end of the session.